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Hi Friend,

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the 2017 IMsL/IMsBB event! We definitely need you. This event takes hundreds of volunteers to keep running smoothly- from the 4hr volunteer to the 20 hour or more volunteer, each and everyone of you contributes to the awesomeness that is the IMsL/IMsBb event. IMsL/IMsBb could not happen without your valuable donation of time and skills. Thanks for helping make the event a smoothly run weekend!

In response to the volunteer survey from last year, you’ll see several changes this year, including- more 2hr shift options, locations for shifts being added (as available), and emailed schedule reminders. We’ll also be providing your volunteer schedule in your badges for you. Please don’t hesitate to let us know of any other ideas you have, we’re always happy to adjust to meet the needs of our amazing volunteer team!

Thank you for joining us!

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Go here to volunteer! http://tinyurl.com/IMsLIMsBb2017V

*Please note, schedules for some areas are likely to shift as the full event schedule is finalized.


Discounts for volunteering:

Returning volunteers receive a larger discount as a thank you for their continued assistance at the event!

Discounts are on basic full weekend registration packages only and do not apply for one day/night passes or add on items like brunch tickets. These discounts do not apply to the ‘first 50’ tickets either.

First time volunteers receive the following discounts on a basic registration package:

8-11.5 hours- 25%

12-15.5 hours- 40%

16+ hours- 50%

Second time volunteers receive the following discounts on a basic registration package:

8-11.5 hours- 40%

12-15.5 hours- 55%

16+ hours- 75%

If this is your third year or more volunteering the following discounts apply a basic registration package:

8-11.5 hours- 50%

12-15.5 hours- 75%

16+ hours- 100%

Volunteers offering less than 8 hours of help will get our appreciation, possibly a hug, and perks like…..

Perks of volunteering

  • Discount admission on basic packages.
  • Some awesome swag.
  • Chance to meet people in a semi-controlled way (great for us introverts).
  • Giving back to your leather community.
  • Bragging rights!

Sounds great, how do I get in on it?

  • Click the link below that will take you to the electronic volunteer system.
  • Enter all the info requested by the form.
  • Read the volunteer position descriptions to make sure you are up for the tasks involved. We value you and your wellness. Please sign up for shifts you feel capable of doing.
    • Also, sign up for the shifts you feel excited about showing up for! If you’re more of a night owl, we’re excited about seeing you on a late night security or dungeon monitor shift rather than trying to pour coffee into you for an early morning check-in shift.
  • Pick your shifts for the number of hours you want to work. We recommend you pick the same area each time, since by Sunday no one has much of a brain left for learning new things!
  • Wait for a response email to get your discount code to register. We’ll be responding Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturdays. As we reach price increases and toward the end of registration we’ll be on more often.


What if I need to change my shifts?

  • We totally get that once class and event schedules are released you might want to shift your schedule. Just click on the link sent you in the confirmation email at any time before registration closes to remove your shifts and pick new ones!
  • After registration closes, email us at volunteers@imsl.org or stop by the volunteer table to look at options for changing shifts.

Now for the serious parts-  

  • Anyone not registered one full week out from the event will be dropped from the volunteer list and have to pay full price for entry. Don’t worry, we’ll remind you to register many many times in the last month before the event.
  • Failing to report to your assigned shifts will either need to make up the shift or will be charged the rate difference at the highest price. Your commitment to volunteer is valuable and important. IMsL is dependent on volunteers for it’s success and we will do everything we can to help you be successful as a volunteer. When a volunteer doesn’t show up to an assigned shift, it makes things a lot more difficult for a lot of folks.
  • All rules of conduct apply to all volunteers- basically, don’t be a jerk!


As we get closer to the event you may hear from us about schedule changes. We’ll do our best not to move too many people around, but sometimes the event schedule shifts or we find we have a hole we need to fill.

Thanks so much and we look forward to working with you!

Go here to volunteer! http://tinyurl.com/IMsLIMsBb2017V