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Friday – 9:30am  to Noon

Tango is the dance of dominance and submission, love and passion. Using D/s power exchange, bondage, rhythm, timing, touch and other non–verbal communication techniques, Miss Couple will teach participants to dance a tango with all the heat her dungeon is known for. Afterwards, you can take that home for your own horizontal tangos! No partner necessary. Ginger Rogers said: “To dance is to learn to control oneself.” BDSM and Ballroom are both all about self-Mastery.

Presenter: Mistress Couple

Location: Sierra

You’ve heard Protocols can enhance a D/s and/or play relationship, but how do you get started with one?

This workshop hopes to answer that. Workshop topics will include: what protocol is (and isn’t), methods and ideas for creating a personal protocol, pitfalls, and enforcement.

The writing portion will explore different approaches to discover what works for you.

Be sure to bring something to write with.

Presenter: Loren Quon

Location: Boardroom

Sometimes defensiveness appears in even great relationships. This class explores options of overcoming and getting a new point of view on defensiveness. Time honored charm, understatement and deliberate response allow you to serve seamlessly. We’re going to discuss service interruptions and the possibilities to lessen those unwelcome incidents for both tops and bottoms. Expect to walk out with some new tools and perspectives!

Presenter: Catherine Gross

Location: San Carlos

We talk a lot about Consent Culture and how important it is for increasing safety, reducing harm, and fighting against rape and misogynistic culture. We don’t always talk about how to have it in more practical ways. This workshop will talk about how to introduce, grow, and nurture Consent Culture in an already existing group or sub-culture. We’ll look at ways to communicate it to people and teach consent concepts without stepping on everyone’s toes. Join us.

Presenter: Sar Surmick

Location: San Juan

We will discuss the basic understanding and use of behavior modification in 4 parts. Its use in role acquisition, understanding and modifying habits, learning to expand interests, and helping the relationship stay healthy.  Ann has been involved with using behavior modification techniques professionally in the mental health field for over 19 years and brings both professional and lifestyle knowledge and experience to the table.

Presenter: Ann

Location: San Martin

Whether humiliation and degradation for you is about being a filthy bitch, a dumb sissy, or a worthless piece of fuckmeat you can also be a feminist, anti-racist, queer activist, or other Social Justice Warrior. We’ll go over how to get the scene you want while making sure that everyone involved knows the line between play and reality. We’ll also cover how to reconcile your personal beliefs with the play that get you turned on.

Presenter: Dr. Liz Powell

Location: Cedar

Friday – 12:15 to 1:45

Beyond the basics: A deeper look into what consent is and how we can use it to build better, safer, and more personal connections with one another.

Presenter: Allena Gabosh & Sar

Friday – 2 :00pm to 4:30pm

Come learn the dance and flow that is possible. Learn to create more depth/connection and tap into your passion. Whether a Top or bottom, this starts with a willingness to be present. We will be guiding those who wish to throw the whip plus assisting bottoms work through their resistance to receiving the whip, creating an opportunity to reshape negative experiences into a re-opening/positive experience and connection to your passion.

Presenter: Daddy Crone Leenie 

Location: Sierra

Learn how to make a professional looking flogger out of rubber bicycle inner tubes using nothing but scissors, a metal eye bolt and a smidge of glue using Kimber’s unique design. Rubber makes great flogger material because it is easier to clean than leather, you can get it as wet as you want and you don’t have to worry about care and maintenance. Not to mention the investment in materials is just $1.

Presenter: Kimber Wolfe

Location: Boardroom

Whether you are a new or a seasoned workshop facilitator, this is a chance for you to hone your facilitator skills! In this workshop, you will learn strategies to:

– Design a workshop;

– Facilitate a workshop; and

– Provide each other with feedback.

Bring paper and pen, one of your favorite toys, and your willingness to participate and try new things!

Presenter: MsCharlie

Location: San Carlos

Technology has helped our community flourish in ways and places not imagined by our fore bearers. Long distance D/s relationships are quite common in today’s leather community. In this class we’ll discuss some of the ways we can use technology to enhance our connections across the miles.

Presenters: Arli & Q

Location: San Juan

When someone wins a contest, the new title holder is congratulated while their family members are offered condolences. The myth of “sash widow” can leave family members feeling isolated and hesitant about what their place is and how they too can benefit from a title year. Hear from the family members of 4 IMsBB/IMsL title holders about their experiences navigating this crucial role both in terms of the challenges and the opportunities it gave them.

Presenters: Dee, Ashley, Shane, Simon

Location: San Martin

In this workshop we will cover the negotiation and care of the human pony, emphasis on the human. We will discuss goals and the nurturing needed to help create the pony of your desires, as well as making tack on a budget. Ponies and handlers alike will have the chance to take the reins.

Featuring Liza, Ferdinand and SubMissAnn

Location: San Simeon

Blood – sometimes a person has too much of it in them; sometimes the walls have too little of it spattered on them. We will explore the many joys of blood play using a variety of tools to break the skin, techniques to increase blood output, and ways to play with blood. This workshop consists mostly of narrated demos and some discussion. I will ask for volunteer demo bottoms from the audience.

Presenter: Gina Hunting

Location: Cedar

Friday – 4:45pm to 6:30pm

Tools for Combatting Racism in the Leather Community

A non-POC caucus will meet in solidarity with the closed, POC group. This facilitated discussion will build on the work done last year towards creating an anti-racism pamphlet for the Leather Community, and strategize ways we can support POC in our local organizations. We will skill-share actionable, specific tools to address racism, in community spaces and in discussions.  Open to all.

Moderators: Rocket and Dr. Fruity

The POC caucus provides a safer space for discussion on being a person of color in the leather community and how we can support each other. A tightly curated discussion will cover topics such as creating social and play spaces for BIPOC, IMsL report card 2016-2017, liaison succession planning, and how to take over the world.  Feel free to bring something for a small altar that will be devoted to our kink.  ***New this year: the caucus will be held twice to offer more options for attendance!  Friday from 4:45 to 6:30 and Saturday from 4:15 to 5:45. Open to POC only.

Moderator: Bennett

Saturday – 9:30am to 11:00am

Learn how to get the most out of your stroke and how to have the stamina to outlast those piggy bottoms. Your body position and footwork are also important for accuracy and achieving a variety of sensations. In addition, we’ll cover different types of floggers and cats, warm up, reading the bottom, communication, connection and safety.

Presenter: Lolita Wolf

Location: Sierra

While feelings of suicidality and mental health difficulties are experienced by many, including in our community, they are still subjects which are rarely openly discussed. This workshop will assist participants in: examining some of the myths and facts about suicide; looking at some of the factors which may contribute, including various forms of oppression; and developing some basic skills to support someone who may be feeling suicidal.

Presenter: Patty, IMsL 2014

Location: Boardroom

Were you a little TOO interested in WWE specials as a child? Do you now find yourself secretly hoping thighs of steel will suddenly materialize around your neck? Perhaps you’re turned on by playing with power dynamics, and are looking for a new way to exchange that energy with a partner? Fetish wrestling may be the kink you’re looking for! Join Andre Shakti as she teaches you the hot and heavy basics!

Presenter: Andre Shakti 

Location: San Carlos

Ever wanted to take leather care to the next level? Use it as a medium to create more intimate spaces? In this class we will examine various way to not only care for gear, but to take of those wearing it. Looking at various products, applications, and articles of leather, we will see how to make leather care much more than just a chore and more of an entry point for foreplay.

Presenter: boy Patrick

Location: San Juan

Playing with terror is an intense form of edgeplay that reaches into the darkest recesses of the mind.  Learning how to use fear as a method of edgeplay while mitigating the potential for possible mental and physical damage is like walking a razor’s edge. Expect the unexpected, as this class will teach you how to safely incorporate terror as an connective form of mindfuck. Class attendees should already understand the concept of RACK vs SSC.

Presenter: Miss Lola Sunshine

Location: San Martin

An overwhelming amount of BDSM & kink education happens within classes and workshops, often taught by teachers who are white, cis, middle class, and over 35 (like this presenter). The problem? That doesn’t reflect – or elevate – marginalized voices. Let’s have a discussion about how to create more opportunities for those who want to educate to share their passion, and dismantle the barriers of privilege to both educators and learners.

Presenter: Sarah Sloane

Location: Cedar

Saturday – 11:15am to 12:45pm

Ever think that Tantra isn’t for you because it is typically presented in white-dominated, heteronormative, cis-sexist, ways and spaces?  Despite what you may think, Tantra has nothing to do with your sex, gender or body-type, and everything to do with energy, connection and consciousness.  We will explore the interconnectedness of BDSM and Tantra as we practice erotic breathing and energy techniques, with play.  Bring an open mind and a willingness to explore with new people.

Presenter: Maisha Aza

Location: Sierra

For many who are butch, trans*, or masculine of center (MOC), our genders have been used to hurt us. So we tend to forget how our masculinity also gives us privilege. In this panel, we consider the privileges we are afforded as MOCs, and how those privileges can negatively impact the feminine identified people in our lives. We will consider how we, as MOCs, can help maintain safe and affirming spaces for femininity.

Presenter: Simon Ruchti

Location: Boardroom 

What does it mean to create a femme centered space? What roles do femmes play privately and publicly in the BDSM community? This interactive discussion will feature a diverse panel addressing topics including feminism in BDSM, the importance of femme spaces, and emotional labor in relationships. Participants will leave with tips and support for creating femme community and safe spaces on an interpersonal and global scale.

Facilitator: Lauren Marie Fleming

Panelists: Miss Lola Sunshine, Ms Mariposa, Ms Emma

Location: San Carlos

Primal play is an approach to rough body play which is about turning off the brain and acting at an instinctual level. It can range from energetic jostling to full-on combat. It’s a powerful way to connect and incredibly enjoyable. The goal of this workshop is to give you practical tools for accessing primal play. We will approach primal play from both practical and theoretical perspectives through a combination of demo, lecture and hands-on practice.

Presenter: Gina Hunting

Location: San Juan

This conversation began last year and the overwhelming feedback was to expand and continue looking at the multiple under-represented groups in our leather/kink women’s community. Finding ways to create positive space, raising perspectives about consent and becoming aware of each other needs increases the impact we have to create, grow and nurture our communities. Join our PoC, Trans Women, Under 35 and Accessibility community liaisons to continuing to raise awareness of the ‘-isms” we face!

Moderators: Jewelweed, Bennett, Becca Bee, Teagan

Location: San Martin

You have the most versatile toybag ever with you every day. The mouth can be used to cause many different sensations and set the stage for many types of play, be it sensual or edge play. Learn about the whys, whats and wheres of biting others, including how to best bite for different results. boy matt is not responsible for what any subs who decide to show their Dom what they learned in his class.

Presenter: boy Matt

Location: Cedar

Saturday – 1:00pm to 2:15pm

The Inside the Leather Jacket is a joint IMsL Productions LLC, IMsL Foundation, Sarah Humble and Women’s International Leather Legacy ongoing program! Twice a year at IMsL and at WiLL, Sarah Humble, the first American Leatherwoman in 1994, interviews women who have made a difference in building our history. Join us this year as we get to know Allena Gabosh, from Seattle and part of our community since 1990 and the Executive Director of  the Center For Sex Positive Culture, Foundation for Sex Positive Culture and on the board of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom.

Moderator: Sarah Humble

The POC caucus provides a safer space for discussion on being a person of color in the leather community and how we can support each other. A tightly curated discussion will cover topics such as creating social and play spaces for BIPOC, IMsL report card 2016-2017, liaison succession planning, and how to take over the world.  Feel free to bring something for a small altar that will be devoted to our kink.  ***New this year: the caucus will be held twice to offer more options for attendance!  Friday from 4:45 to 6:30 and Saturday from 1:00 to 2:15. Open to POC only.

Saturday – 2:30pm to 4:00pm

Before Shut Up + Fuck is Shut Up + Talk. And that means Shut Up + Listen. Make it hot and smart so we can fuck and play. Not always easy, but ALWAYS worth it. Felice Shays will demonstrate and teach strategies and techniques for negotiating, talking, listening, and questioning – and when to STOP talking and get busy. Then: demos Sex techniques! – fisting, punching, knives, kicking, choking. Identity and place in society and community affects our libidos and words. Taking it seriously but not killing the heat. You don’t always have to know WHAT you want but you’ve got to know how to talk and listen.

Presenter: Felice Shays

Location: Sierra

In any service dynamic, garment care can be as simple or complex as those involved wish it to be. However, it is my belief that garment care is an essential task you can provide your Top to ensure that they are always looking their best for work, play, and everything in between. There are some basic skills every service individual should have in their arsenal when it comes to garment care.

Presenter: Vivian

Location: Boardroom

An opportunity for aspiring presenters and audience alike! 12T is a collection of 12 minute long workshops (with 3 minutes for audience evaluations at the end.) Audience members get to experience new presenters and select the best one for IMsL/IMsBB 2018. Presenters get to try out new workshop ideas in front of a receptive audience.The highest rated presenter will receive free registration and a full length workshop slot at IMsL/IMsBB 2018.

Any registered participant can submit a proposal to present on anything related to BDSM, kink, sex, relationships, play, and/or the leather community. Every workshop that receives positive evaluations from the audience will be forwarded to the producers for consideration as a full length workshop at IMsL/IMsBB 2018.

Moderator: Tony

Location: San Carlos

Puppy 201 looks at the familiar D/s relationship from the pup and Handler perspective. Through interactive audience participation, we will discuss topics such as, ‘why obedience’ and then look at how to foster obedience. The discussion portion is followed by a volunteer demonstration of some of the principles that we discussed. The class ends with a short Q&A.

Presenter: Sir Justin St.Clair & Pup Kona

Location: San Juan

As social understanding of consent evolves, so does our legal systems and our own notions of personal responsibility in communication around consent. This facilitated panel discussion will explore how social programming influences our ability consent and communicate, how we empower ourselves to maintain boundaries and seek out what we want in a social and sexual context, and how these ideas are influencing the legal state of consent in the United States.

Presenter: Jen Laws, Ashley Young, Bootpig, Spencer Bergstedt

Location: San Martin

Tribal societies and other subcultures have a long history of ritually marking their bodies in a variety of manners (including tattoos and body piercings), but the oldest of these body modifications involves scarification. In this workshop, we’ll discuss the energetic and spiritual implications of opening up the skin and semi-permanent marking, and demonstrate scarification via cutting as well as cutting the skin in the context of an SM scene for endorphins and blood play.

Presenter: Sarah Sloane

Location: San Simeon

Discover why one hand is better than none, and two hands are better than one! Manual sex aficionado Andre Shakti is ready to knuckle up and show you how to experiment safely with the best sex toys we come equipped with: our fingers! This workshop is taught from a fully inclusive and intersectional place, and includes a LIVE DEMO! You’ll never look at hands the same way again!

Presenter: Andre Shakti

Location: Cedar

Sunday – 1:00pm to 2:30pm

After community member Madame Butterfly’s 2013 stroke, Ms WillowKat took her 30+ years of caregiving experience and braided kink into rehabilitation! This class is for and about members of the BDSM community who are dealing with aging and disability personally, or as a caregiver. Bring your issues and concerns – we will strategize ways to enhance your ability to embody your kink for maximum enjoyment and soul-feeding, while doing good things for your health challenges.

Presenter: Ms Willowcat

Location: Sierra

In this workshop led by trans* and genderqueer educators, you will examine and unravel body shame that can stand between you and your pleasure. Using nude figure drawing, we will work to detox the poisonous messages of misogyny, cissexism, racism, homophobia, biphobia, fatphobia, and ableism, in an accepting and healing environment. Participants are requested to undress down to your core body, whatever that means for you. (Ex: your core body might include prosthetics, binding, etc.)

Presenter: Rae Goldman & Kerrick

Location: Boardroom

Balloon Bondage is a fun and unusual pervertable sensory experience: the smooth feel of the latex on your skin, the different colors, the lightness, the friction electrical shocks and… the pop! Balloons can also be used to restrain and immobilize a willing victim into bondage or in predicament play, in designs that are as simple or as intricate and elaborate as your mind permits. You can also combine Balloon Bondage with other forms of play! Come and experiment with us!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Folks who are allergic or sensitive to latex should not attend this workshop!

Presenter: Lydia Joie Divine

Location: San Carlos

In a world where DD/lg (Daddy Dominant/little girl) is the norm, this class explores the question of what happens when the “little girl” is Boss or “Daddy” is a little too?

This class will explore ways all D-types can continue to maintain visibility and respect no matter what headspace they occupy. We hope to turn stereotypes on their heads as we look at age-play specific Power Exchange relationships from multiple different perspectives.

Presenter: Chris

Location: San Juan

As individuals speak out about how they define their gender and sexual orientation, how does this reflect past, current and future generations? In the past when gender and sexual orientation was divided into gay/lesbian and straight, to LBGTQ, to non-binary identification to the future how individual self-identify and what influence will this have on future generations?

Presenter: Schon Wade

Location: San Martin

Come enjoy a live lightning round version of Tina’s popular podcast Why Are People Into That?! For the curious newbie to BDSM, we’ll explain some popular interests. For the seasoned scenester, this class may shed some new light on everything you thought you knew about kink! No matter your experience, you’ll be entertained by this funny and thought-provoking class!Some topics we will discuss: Bondage, Spanking, Fisting, Pegging, Genitorture, role play, leather, latex, feet, boots…

Presenter: Tina Horn

Location: Cedar

Ever since the 1860s, electrical applications for the relief of “female hysteria” and other perceived medical problems have been utilized.  A bit of history reveals how quack medicine actually provided interesting methods of applying electricity to our modern sensual experiences. As we see how the safe application of the violet wand can enhance sensuality during that roller coaster ride of agony and ecstasy, let us embrace this technology by understanding and experiencing it first-hand.

Presenter: Lascivious

Location: San Simeon

Sunday – 2:45pm to 4:15pm

If you are looking for a cleaner shave, looking for a new way to provide service to your top, or looking for a new way to mindfuck your bottom during a scene, Erotic Shaving may be just the thing you’re looking for. It’s erotic. It’s dangerous. It’s powerful. Imagine the sharp and shiny blade moving across your neck or genitals. Come to class and see an erotic demo or BE the demo.

Presenter: Sarge

Location: Sierra

Momma always said nobody knows ALL of the uses for duct tape.  She sure doesn’t know about THIS!  Come make custom mitts and a hood!  We’ll look at how to make it, how to decorate it, and most importantly, how to build in a safety mechanism to get it off quickly.  If you want a souvenir, you are strongly encouraged to B.Y.O.D.T. (Bring Your Own Duct Tape) and a partner for the practice time, too!

Presenter: Annette Suarez

Location: Boardroom

I remember stumbling onto my stepdad’s porn stash. It was the early 80’s, I was young, and porn was so very different then. Flash forward to today, I’m involved in porn and it’s nothing like the stuff my stepdad had. Join me as we discuss the evolution of modern women’s/queer porn and its positive effect on women’s leather, kinksters, POC, and trans* folks…and watch some of the hottest women’s/queer porn out there today!

Presenter: Q

Location: San Carlos

Hoping to strap on your dildo and fuck, but no harness handy? Want a harness that will securely hold a toy _inside_ someone? Learn rope harnesses that are sturdy enough for vigorous fucking, infinitely adjustable, and machine washable. You’ll practice tying harnesses to hold toys on or in – or both! We’ll have loaner webbing, but if you can, please bring four 12.5 lengths. Bring EMT shears, harness-compatible dildo, and cock ring if you can!

Presenter: Mistress Tatiana Belodyne

Location: San Juan

Titleholding is edge play! Interested in producing Leather contests, running for a title or preparing for a larger contest? What should you consider? We will talk a bit of history, what to expect from various titles and expectations for yourself and your community. Discover the challenges/joys of running, tips/tricks for a successful run, and what to do once you have won. Titleholders, producers, and handlers come share your titleholder lifestyle experience in this class!

Presenter: Ms Constance

Location: San Martin

The Women of Drummer Magazine class was created to bring more visibility to the fact that Leatherwomen heavily influenced Male Leather Culture. We Define what Drummer Magazine is and how it impacted Leather Subculture. We will discuss the “Who?, How? and What?” concerning our Leatherwomen including Jeanne Barney, Janet Ryan, Anne Rice, Judy Tallwing and their impact and influence within Drummer Magazine. Lastly, the Women of Drummer Class will Educate Minds and Arouse Bodies over Women’s Leather History. Always.

Presenter: Tyesha Best

Location: San Simeon

We live in a society where sex negativity, racism, transphobia, and a host of other “isms” all interact to police our bodies and desires. In this workshop, we’ll delve into the healing potential of our kinks, while unpacking the places where we may have internalized messages of shame. Providing space for folks to bring their whole complex selves, we’ll explore how our desires can help us reclaim and empower all areas of our lives.

Presenter: Roan Coughtry

Location: Cedar